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Getting a Job on Newstart Is Harder than You Think

By: Anne Rinaudo A majority of people on Newstart are being systematically excluded from paid employment, a recent report has found. The report by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and Jobs Australia has found that getting a job while on Newstart is harder than people think. (more…)

When Is It Ok to Leave Your Child Home Alone?

By: Dr Justin Coulson I was born in the 1970s, and raised in a lower-to-middle-class suburb. Mum and Dad ran their own business and they both worked long hours. This meant that when I was a kid, I let myself into the house every afternoon after school, and I was free to play anywhere in the neighbourhood until my parents returned home from work. I spent the afternoons riding my bike down to the park or to the shops with my best mate Andy. (more…)

Not Good Enough?

By: Leigh Ockey Hermann and Pauline lived in the German town of Ulm where they ran a small enterprise that produced featherbeds. (more…)

Maria’s Recipes: Yoghurt & Semolina Lemon Syrup Cake

If you like moist cakes – you have to try this recipe. It is delicious.

The God Who Redeems

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez Believers love to tell stories of how God miraculously intervened to save someone from tragedy. It’s good to share these stories. However, they’re also one of the reasons why some non-believers reject Christianity: because they know that’s not what life is like at all. (more…)

5 Reasons to Spend Time with a Senior

By: Ange King That smell? The one you think will never happen to you? It will. Time to face reality, people. But why embrace the truth sooner rather than later? (more…)

Micah Womens Delegation Advocates For Global Issues

By: Anne Rinaudo Women leaders from across the denominations of Australia’s churches and Christian organisations came together late last month for a historic visit to Canberra. They were advocating for policies of justice and care for the world’s poor. (more…)

A Biblical Perspective on Leadership

By: Jim Ware What does genuine biblical "leadership" look like? "Leadership" in general is an idea that seems to be getting a lot of promotion these days.  (more…)

How to Raise Kids Who Read

By: Dr Justin Coulson There’s a reason that experts make a big deal about telling parents to read to their children. Reading to kids (not using devices but using real books) is one of the best things we can do to help them develop positively. (more…)

If God Is Good, Why Is There Suffering and Pain?

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez Well, that is the big question, isn’t it? It’s supposedly the biggest weapon that atheists bring out against Christians. (more…)