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Recognise Your Triggers for Emotional Spending

By: Catherine Wilson Winter 2005 was bleak and dreary. I was single, new to a large city and occupying a sad excuse for an efficiency apartment. Christmas was nearing, and "retail therapy" wasn’t curing my solo holiday blues. It was, however, consuming the remainder of my credit limit. (more…)

“Every AM, Pray For Your PM!” – Scott Morrison’s Former Pastor on the Challenges of Leadership

By: Stephen O'Doherty “Every AM, pray for your PM.” That’s the request of Scott Morrison’s long-time pastor, Michael Murphy. (more…)

5 Things Every Christian Should Know About Digital Technology

By: Akos Balogh Digital technology saturates our lives: smartphones, social media, Google and Instagram. From teenagers to grandparents, we’re all swimming in a digital sea. (more…)

How Play is Changing

By: Dr Justin Coulson I want to ask you two questions. Pretty simple ones.   First, how do your children play? Second, how is  their  play different from the play  you enjoyed when you were young? Consider your answers for just a moment. Is there much difference between the two? (more…)

Maria’s Recipes: Greek Lemon Potatoes

These potatoes are slightly tangy and full of flavour. Perfect with a salad, pan-seared haloumi or accompaniment to meat, especially lamb.

Why Self-care Is Important to Your Marriage

By: Amy Van Veen What fills your tank? Perhaps you already know the answer to this question – as well as why it’s important for your life, your family and your marriage. But if you’re like most, you’ve probably never asked yourself what it is that fills you with joy and energy. (more…)

Thrive with Dr Matthew Jacoby

THE SUPREMACY OF JESUS The Colossians were apparently being influenced by a form of Judaism which emphasised the role of angels as mediators between God and man.  It seems that they were trying to accommodate Jesus into this belief system and were tending towards seeing Jesus as just another angelic mediator.  But Jesus is not just another anything.  He isn’t just another teacher;  He isn’t just another prophet and He isn't just another heavenly messenger. Jesus is the embodiment of the one true God.  If He is less than this, then He could not take away our sin because it is God’s prerogative to pay for sin. A man, or even an angel, ...

New PM Scott Morrison – A Genuine Christian & Won’t Backstab

Above: Australia’s newest Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Image: Facebook By: Clare Bruce If he finds some time to pray this week, Australia’s newly minted Prime Minister Scott Morrison might say a quiet word of thanks for friend and mentor, Bruce Baird. (more…)

SRE – How to Answer Life’s Everyday Questions

By: Laura Bennett What happens when I die? Who’s God? Both questions your child may ask, but more often than not kids want answers on handling tricky situations, and navigating life’s everyday complexities. In their language it might come down to what makes a good friend? And, can I say what I think? (more…)

Yvonne Griese – A Cross in Time: Where Does Our Faith Come From?

By: Laura Bennett There’s a lot of conflicting emotions when your own habits start to remind you of your parents’. The horror of turning into an adult like them mixes with a sense of pride in the strength of your DNA. It’s excitingly tribal and depressing all at the same time. (more…)