Gosha & DJ For Breakfast

Tune in every weekday morning between 6:30 – 9:30 am on 96three and join in on the fun on www.facebook.com/GoshaAndDJ

Gosha grew up in Geelong developing a keen desire to impart joy in those around her. This lead her to many adventures around the world; travelling through Europe, becoming a children’s entertainer, a singer and a ukulele player with both the Brisbane Ukulele Music Society and the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective!
After working in the disability field as a special needs teacher in Geelong, Melbourne and London, Gosha’s life was transformed in 2014 by winning a competition to host the breakfast show of Melbourne’s LightFM! She stepped into a new purpose where all her quirks and idiosyncrasies suddenly made perfect sense. “It’s what I was created to do”, she says. After a year and a half at Melbourne’s LightFM, Gosha spent a year in brekky on the Gold Coast at JuiceFM and is now thrilled to be back in her home town of Geelong, closer to family and friends.

DJ Paine is actually a long time friend of 96three! Between 1995 and 2001 DJ ran and hosted a few of the nightly youth programs on the station. He also became a regular guest on Justin Michael’s breakfast show for a number of years on 96three. 

Originally from the Gold Coast, DJ and his wife Benita moved their little family back there in 2005. After building both a successful photography studio and a podcasting business while working with JuiceFM, DJ and Benita felt God calling them back to Geelong. They packed up their Gold Coast life and moved back to Geelong three years ago. A proud dad of three wonderful boys and a devoted husband, DJ is passionate about the Bible and has the opportunity to discuss it week on the “Deeper” podcast that he does with Son Of Korah’s Matt Jacoby.

Even though Gosha and DJ only met a couple of months ago they strongly believe that God has made a path before them to bring them here to 96three, where they can step into doing what they both love.

“Our sincere desire” Gosha says “is creating a lively two way conversation with the community while infusing joy-”
DJ adds “…and also a lot of heart… with a bit of silliness!”