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Every day, CBM is working to restore life to people living with disability in the world’s poorest countries.

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In 2013, CBM International (CBMI ) reached out to more than 30 million people who were living with or at risk of disability.

In developing countries, people living with disability are often unable to access the basics services such as education and healthcare, and are excluded from employment, and social and community activities.

Without these opportunities, people with disability often fall deeper into poverty and become more vulnerable to illnesses that can lead to further disability. Globally, our work is focused on breaking this persistent cycle. Disability and poverty go hand in hand, so we tackle them together.

CBMI are working in over 70 countries to provide the kind of medical help that transforms lives – restoring the gift of sight, straightening twisted limbs, and making sure we keep young mothers and babies safe during childbirth. We also make sure we’re on the ground to provide immediate aid in times of emergency and give long-term support where it’s needed.

To have a lasting impact on the lives of the poorest men, women and children with disability, we encourage self-reliance and participation. We always work in partnership with local organisations, and we provide an important advocacy link to local and national governments and agencies. At home and overseas, we campaign tirelessly to change attitudes towards disability.

We were formerly known as Christian Blind Mission – but now we do so much more! Over time, CBMI’s work has widened from serving just people with vision impairment to giving all people with disabilities access to basic healthcare services and restoring life. CBMI is now the world’s largest Christian organisation working with people with disabilities in the poorest places.

Our Vision: An inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.


In 1908, German pastor Ernst Christoffel founded CBM in Turkey with the opening of a home for children who were blind and orphaned. From these small beginnings, CBMI has grown into today being one of the world’s leading disability and development agencies. Christoffel built CBMI on core values such as Christianity, internationalism, professionalism, stewardship, honest communication and inclusion – all values we’re committed to today.


For over 100 years, CBMI has been making life-changing differences in the lives of the world’s poorest people.

10 million miracles and counting!

We’ve come a long way since we performed our first cataract operation in Afghanistan in 1966, and in 2010 CBMI reached an amazing milestone – we performed our 10 millionth cataract surgery! At CBMI’s partner hospital in Tanzania, Dr Heiko Phillipin said he was humbled to perform the historic surgery on Joyce Kayaa, and restore her sight and her hope for the future.