Christian Jobs Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian company that  operates businesses designed to facilitate the interactivity and effectiveness of Christians within their community. They are HR Professionals who have been involved in the recruitment industry for many years.  Their combination of HR Experience, Christian Faith, Internet Marketing, Web Design and Advertising brings together a remarkable pool of talents and beliefs that builds and unites the Body of Christ. commenced trading in 2002 and today has more than 3,100 Christian Advertisers including; Churches, Schools, Ministries, Missions and other Christian owned/managed organisations. Today Christian Jobs Australia often has more than two million hits a month and is the most popular Christian website in Australia. Advertisements on Christian Jobs are also advertised on:  FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Google+ as well as many Church and Ministry Websites.

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What is a Christian Job?

Christian Jobs’ transcend all industries and occupations. A ‘Christian Job’ does not define the type of work but more defines the type of person. This is why you will find all sorts of Jobs advertised on Christian Jobs Australia.

A Christian is called to act in accordance with biblical principles. Christian Employers and Employees demonstrate these principles through their values, morals, standards and beliefs. So although many of the jobs we advertise are with well known Christian Organisations you will also find jobs advertised by Employers whose work is not overtly Christian but who seek Christians to work with them to create a working environment based on Christian principles.

A Christian working environment should be a loving, caring, nurturing place where Jesus is revered and referred to through meditation and prayer. It is a place where each individual is respected loved and valued. A place where honesty, compassion, fairness and open communication is the norm.

Address: Suite 4 /  738 Burke Road Camberwell VIC 3124

Phone:  1300 369 290