Jay helps you finish the workday with a smile.

Jay is the voice you hear each weekday when you jump in the car to drive home from work. He keeps an eye on the traffic conditions and will tell you where the hold ups are when he can. Up to date weather and news feature regularly in the Drive show. You will hear the latest Christian music news in the TCM Update with Cam Want each week. Playing the best new Christian music and the occasional classic song, Jay will keep you company Monday to Friday from 2.00pm – 7.00pm. On a Friday afternoon at 3.30pm he chats to Peter Marsh about all things football and they give you their tips for the weekend. Jay always manages to tip his favourite footy team Carlton!


Jay also helps out in the Production Department and finds various “God Spots” for you to listen to. He downloads and prepares some of the teaching programs for airing each week.