On the Rock with Kameel Majdali

Rev. Kameel Majdali, PhD, grew up in Los Angelos, California, came to faith as a teenager and, after graduating from college, went to the Middle East to study. He has an amazing ability to bring to light the Word in a way that will deeply impact you. Kameel now preaches and teaches all over the world while moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. He began Teach All Nations (TAN) Inc in 2004 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. TAN is a global Bible teaching ministry with a prophetic edge. Kameel is a dynamic preacher, teacher and futurist who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible. He has published six books and hosts two radio programs called ‘On the Rock’ and ‘Beyond the Box’.


Listen to On the Rock every weekday at 9.38pm on 96three FM.


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