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Why Christians Should Not Be Optimists

By: Akos Balogh I’ve noticed people aren’t as optimistic about the future these days. In our post 9-11, post-GFC, post-Trump era, people are increasingly anxious. Optimism no longer abounds – at least not like it used to. (more…)

Rich Chocolate Mousse

By: Susan Joy Delightfully rich and chocolatey and has my three favourite foods all in this one recipe, avocado, chocolate and dates. A quick and easy dessert for busy people. (more…)

‘On the Basis Of Sex’ – Women’s Rights That Build Up Instead of Tearing Down

By: Laura Bennett Stories of sexual discrimination need to be heard, but after all the heat lately around the topic, you’d be forgiven for being weary of the conversation. (more…)

Author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, Has Retracted His Book and Apologised

By: Clare Bruce If you were a teenager growing up in church circles in the late 90s – early 2000s, you probably heard of, or were influenced by, Joshua Harris. (more…)

How to Deal With Hurt

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez I want to talk to you about pain; not the kind that you can deal with by taking a tablet. I’m not talking about physical pain. I want to talk to you about the pain of the heart. (more…)

You Will Believe Fake News Just Because It Has A Picture

By: Anne Rinaudo People are more likely to believe a true or false claim if it is paired with a photograph, a researcher from The Australian National University (ANU) has found. Dr Eryn Newman, from the ANU Research School of Psychology, has been finding out how people find truth in a fake-news era. (more…)

Incentives to Move to Regional Australia

By: McCrindle Small towns in Italy are offering incredible incentives including monetary bonuses and affordable housing to help struggling economies in towns with dwindling populations. (more…)

True Romance on Valentine’s Day

By: Dr Greg Smalley One of my most memorable, or should I say, most humiliating, Valentine’s Day experiences happened in 2014. The chain of events started with an innocent conversation I had with my wife, Erin. (more…)

Chocolate Granola Recipe

By: Susan Joy In this delicious chocolate granola you get the natural flavour and goodness of raw cacao powder, nuts, seeds and coconut oil; which you won't find in the chocolate flavoured cereal boxes in the supermarket. Serve with coconut yoghurt and berries, nut milk or layered in a breakfast or dessert parfait. (more…)

Finding Hope in Anxiety & Depression: Pop Star Michelle Williams’ Devotions

By: Clare Bruce Superstar singer and actor Michelle Williams, former member of Destiny’s Child, is not one to be shy about her faith in Jesus. (more…)