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Indigenous Bible Opens Door to Faith for Indigenous Australians

By: Anne Rinaudo Above: Rev Lois Nadjamerrek; Jonathan Harris and Hagar Nadjamerrek with the ‘Kunwinjku Shorter Bible’ Imagine if you had never read or heard the message of the Bible in your own language. That is the reality for Australia’s Indigenous community. Although more than half of Indigenous people are Christians, very few have read or heard the Bible in their ‘heart’ language. (more…)

Remembering Eugene Peterson (1932-2018)

Above: Eugene Peterson Picture credit: YouTube/NavPress By: Sheridan Voysey "There are people who die well," beloved pastor and author Eugene Peterson said recently, ‘and I want to be one.’ Well, Eugene achieved his goal. (more…)

Thrive with Dr Matthew Jacoby

THE SUPREMACY OF JESUS The Colossians were apparently being influenced by a form of Judaism which emphasised the role of angels as mediators between God and man.  It seems that they were trying to accommodate Jesus into this belief system and were tending towards seeing Jesus as just another angelic mediator.  But Jesus is not just another anything.  He isn’t just another teacher;  He isn’t just another prophet and He isn't just another heavenly messenger. Jesus is the embodiment of the one true God.  If He is less than this, then He could not take away our sin because it is God’s prerogative to pay for sin. A man, or even an angel, ...