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Why Believe? In the End, Christianity Rises or Falls on These Two Things

Above: Photo by Sheridan Voysey By: Sheridan Voysey Some days I wonder why I am a Christian. In a secular age, it isn’t great for your career (as someone told me last week, “Admitting you’re a Christian in my circles is professional suicide”). In some countries, claiming the faith can literally sign your death sentence. And there are so many alternatives in the religious marketplace now. (more…)

Faith Sharing Tip: Bring Church out of the Building

By: Morag Paton Have you ever got stuck thinking that you need to bring people to church for them to hear about Jesus? While church is a great place to gather, it’s important that we don’t let the mindset creep in that people need to come to church to get to know Jesus. (more…)

SRE & Australia: Are We a Good Match?

By: Laura Bennett Traditions are a fickle thing. A lot of us have them but can’t always remember where they came from. We like to protect them, but can be really disconnected from their origin. (more…)

People Not Like You

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez When you understand the Gospel, it breaks down your preconceived ideas of who is acceptable to God and who isn’t; who will be saved and who will be lost. Jesus went out of his way to show that the love of God and his saving power knows no boundaries. (more…)

Facing the Worst Moments in Christianity: Sweeping New Film in Cinemas Now

By: Clare Bruce It’s hard to deny that Christianity has contributed great good around the world, in the centuries since Jesus walked the earth. (more…)

How Christians Can Go Beyond The ‘Culture War’

By: Akos Balogh Many Christians feel we’re losing the ‘culture war’. From SSM to euthanasia, the traditional Christian perspective has lost ground in much of mainstream society. We’re a minority. (more…)

The God Who Bends Down

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez The Bible was written in a polytheistic culture: a culture which believed that there were many gods. That’s why the writers of the Bible emphasise over and over again that the true God is better than all the others. (more…)

3 Lies I Believed About Being a Christian

By: Sabrina Peters I’ve been a Christian since I can remember, but I didn’t always understand what that truly meant. I actually thought being a Christian was more about me than it was about Christ. Sounds a bit silly but honestly a lot of people do. (more…)

Comfortable Christian Living

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez My daughter Rebecca was in Uganda a few years ago. She was sharing the Gospel and providing midwifery services in rural communities. A man who was associated with Good News Unlimited, asked her why our ministry didn’t splash money around more liberally. (more…)

Why I Thank God For My Painful Mid-Life Crisis

By: Akos Balogh It happened at the strangest times. Whether arriving home from coaching my son’s soccer team, or finishing a long-distance bike-ride with friends. Without any warning, I felt it: (more…)