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The Islands of Average, Honour and Shame

By: Duncan Robinson There are three islands in the world, Average, Honour and Shame. On each of these islands there lives a number of people. Some people start on Honour Island, but most of us start on either Average or Shame Island. Average Island is where the majority of the population dwells. Our hope is one day to catch a one-way ticket to Honour Island. Whether that be through celebrity or prestige or wealth. Our hope is that we might end up on Honour Island. (more…)

Does Your Teen Have HSC Exams? Try These Six Simple Tips

By: Duncan Robinson Teenager: so you’ve started the HSC. You’ve had months of preparation to get to this point. It might be one of the largest and most challenging events that has happened in your life so far. (more…)

Spade, Bourdain Again and Again

By: Duncan Robinson Late on a Friday night a few of weeks ago, I read of Anthony Bourdain’s passing. I was gutted. I spent days wanting to pen something to explain the feelings of depression. Trying to figure out a clear description for the cloud, the weight, the grind, the sadness and the isolation. How do you explain easily how a man who is brilliant, talented and gifted finds himself at a place that death feels like the one and reasonable option. I just don’t think you can. My connection with Anthony is non-existent. We both do Jiu Jitsu, and love food. I was a big fan of no reservations. It felt like the first non-bs food series I’d ...

Making Friends in Seven Seconds or Less

By: Duncan Robinson In a media saturated world there is a war for people’s attention. I’m in radio, it means that I have an audience that is not captive, they can change the radio station with a simple click of the button. (more…)

The Gift and the Dirt Cup

By: Duncan Robinson Imagine that you walk through life carrying two things in your hands. In one hand is a gift, perfectly wrapped and finished with a bow. The wrapping paper is ornate and intricate. The precision in which it has been wrapped makes it simply marvelous to look at. (more…)

When the Calling Isn’t

By: Duncan Robinson “a strong desire to spend your life doing a certain kind of work” (more…)

Dad Goals: Big, Audacious Dad Goals

By: Duncan Robinson When I was in my 20’s I had big dreams. I wanted to change the world, write a book, speak to thousands of people, travel the world, get married, ride unicorns and punch Titans. They were all audacious, massive, incredible goals. I wanted to set the bar high, challenge myself at every pass. (more…)