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For When Life Isn’t Black and White

By: Jennie Scott Do you ever wish life could be reduced and simplified, just like our teachers taught us to do with fractions? Take the numbers you see and reduce them until they can’t be reduced any more — 50/100 becomes 1/2, the large and complex becoming small and simple. (more…)

The Beauty and Burden of Brokenness

By: Jennie Scott Each morning, the screens in my life shout and show turmoil. World leaders making threats and calling each other names. (more…)

Waiting on God Through the Questions

By: Jennie Scott Her soft voice came through the speaker on my phone, telling the podcast interviewer about the hardest years of her life. This woman has moved overseas, adopted orphaned children, begun a non-profit ministry, and written bestselling books about faith. If anyone shouldn’t admit having certain questions about her faith and her God, it seemed she shouldn’t. (more…)

Look for the Lie

By: Jennie Scott I wish I could remember where I first heard it, this truth that’s been rocking my world. I don’t know if it was on a podcast or in a book, on my TV or from my friend’s mouth. All I know is that I somehow jotted it down as a note in my phone, and I’ve been looking at it ever since. (more…)

God Can Handle Our Honesty

By: Jennie Scott Scalding water beat on my back as I rested my forehead on the shower wall. The tears falling down my cheeks mixed with the water from the shower, and one was as hot as the other. (more…)

To the Tired Mamas Running Themselves Ragged

By: Jennie Scott I know. I know that what looks easy in your life takes great planning and coordination and a whole lot of work plus a little bit of luck. (more…)

Snapchats of Dead Bodies: The Loss of Sacred Things

By: Jennie Scott "Did you see where kids were Snapchatting during the shooting?” my sister asked. “They showed the bodies on the ground.” No, I didn’t. Thank goodness. But I am not surprised. (more…)

When Belief and Actions Collide

By: Jennie Scott The words that stopped me cold weren’t shouted or even spoken angrily. They were gentle, coming through the speakers of my laptop. One sentence, spoken sweetly, as part of a longer podcast episode. One sentence that gave me chills: (more…)

Why Mending What’s Broken Always Means Moving

By: Jennie Scott Only hours before, I lay immobile on the operating table. Numb from the chest down, I could only watch as nurses draped the sterile field of my abdomen with blue cloth. They counted gauze strips and scalpels, forceps and scissors. They prepared my body for the birth of my child, a birth in which I would be a passive observer. (more…)

When Someone Else Gets the Answer to Your Prayer

By: Jennie Scott I’ve been praying a specific prayer for several years now. Years. But the answer still remains “no” — or at least, “not yet.” (more…)