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‘On the Basis Of Sex’ – Women’s Rights That Build Up Instead of Tearing Down

By: Laura Bennett Stories of sexual discrimination need to be heard, but after all the heat lately around the topic, you’d be forgiven for being weary of the conversation. (more…)

New Film ‘DAD’, Featuring Dads of Autistic Kids, Gives Hope and Encouragement

Above: Some of the men featuring in the film ‘DAD'. Top row, L-R: Ian Rogerson, Lai Huynh, Mat Rogers and Michael Whelan; Bottom row, L-R: Monir Elhage, Nick Orsatti, Raj Shashi and Richard Peake. By: Clare Bruce Parents of children with autism will nod, smile, laugh, shed a tear – and gain great insight and encouragement – from a moving new short documentary film called DAD. (more…)

Mary Poppins Returns – A Lesson in the Power of Perspective

By: Laura Bennett Seeing Mary Poppins Returns hit cinemas brings out the bipolar child in all of us: we’re two parts excited and one part panicked that our childhood favourite is going to be ruined forever. (more…)

New Life Movie Review

By: Rebecca Moore “…it’s all the moments, good and bad that make up a life, and the most important thing to do with life, is to live it.” (more…)

First Man Movie Review: Ryan Gosling is Neil Armstrong

By: Laura Bennett Having tapped his toes for Director Damien Chazelle in LA LA Land, the two are now taking Ryan Gosling’s feet to the moon, and it’s worth the watch. (more…)

Christopher Robin Movie Review – Is It Too Bleak?

By: Laura Bennett Clearly, we just can’t enough of pooh. Winnie the Pooh that is. Not to be confused with last year’s Goodbye Christopher Robin and its original story of our favourite bear, Christopher Robin is an imaginary tale about a boy who’s too grown up. (more…)

Incredibles 2 Movie Review

By: Paul Asay Superheroes are messy. Yes, admittedly they may have the best of intentions. But every time they do battle with a bad one, collapsing buildings are sure to follow. (more…)

The Heart Of Man Movie Review

By: Rebecca Moore The sparseness of space meets my eyes as the opening scene appears—so deep, so endless, so majestic. (more…)

God’s Not Dead 3 – Should the Church Still Have a Place in My Community?

By: Laura Bennett Even if the numbers of people who call themselves ‘Christian’ has fluctuated in Australia over the years, there’s a lot about our nation that finds its origin in the faith. Our settlement represents a complex time in history, but part of what the Europeans brought with them, was their Christianity. (more…)