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New Life Movie Review

By: Rebecca Moore “…it’s all the moments, good and bad that make up a life, and the most important thing to do with life, is to live it.” (more…)

Tips on Keeping Romance Alive From Lead Actress in ‘New Life’ Movie

By: Ange King Christmas is coming! It’s a warm-and-fuzzy time of year, when everyone is feeling more generous and more loving…relationships are so much easier this time of year… right? (more…)

5 Reasons to Spend Time with a Senior

By: Ange King That smell? The one you think will never happen to you? It will. Time to face reality, people. But why embrace the truth sooner rather than later? (more…)

All-Star Voices Cast in New Christmas Movie

By: Movies Change People New faith-based movie, ‘The Star’ casts many recognisable voices in the ‘Greatest Story Never Told’. (more…)