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Genetics, God and the Future of Humanity

By: Anne Rinaudo Dr Denis Alexander from Cambridge University, is a neuroscientist who believes passionately in both the biblical doctrine of creation and the coherence of evolutionary theory. He was recently in Australia to deliver the 2018 New College Lectures, "Genetics: God and the Future of Humanity". This year marks the 25th year of the New College Lectures. (more…)

A Practical Guide to Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

By: Anne Rinaudo In her book, Habitat – A practical guide to creating a wildlife friendly Australian Garden AB Bishop shares a wealth of advice and information, including how to build places for all sorts of animals to congregate. There are even step by step guides to building an insect hotel and a bee apartment block. (more…)

The President Will See You Now – A Memoir

By: Anne Rinaudo President Ronald Reagan chose Peggy Grande to work at his side for 10 years, and together they created a powerful partnership. Serving as his post-presidency Executive Assistant, Peggy had a front row seat to history and got to know Ronald Reagan the man, not just the president. (more…)

Getting a Job on Newstart Is Harder than You Think

By: Anne Rinaudo A majority of people on Newstart are being systematically excluded from paid employment, a recent report has found. The report by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and Jobs Australia has found that getting a job while on Newstart is harder than people think. (more…)

Micah Womens Delegation Advocates For Global Issues

By: Anne Rinaudo Women leaders from across the denominations of Australia’s churches and Christian organisations came together late last month for a historic visit to Canberra. They were advocating for policies of justice and care for the world’s poor. (more…)

How to Flourish at Work

By: Stephen O'Doherty Why do we work? Ask around and you are likely to encounter more than a few strange, quizzical looks. Why would any sensible person even ask that question? We just have to, right? And to flourish at work, well that’s a nice idea, but… (more…)

My Health Record – Opt In or Opt Out? The Pros and Cons

By: Anne Rinaudo The opt out period for the My Health Record system will end on November 15. My Health Record is a Federal government initiative that aggregates all of your health data in one place. It has actually been operating for six years on an opt in basis and has about six million users. (more…)

Would You Pay Ten Cents A Litre More For Milk To Help Dairy Farmers?

By: Anne Rinaudo The dairy industry has hit crisis point as a result of soaring operational costs, crippling drought and ongoing challenges to achieve fair milk prices. The Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO) have started a change.org petition for a ten cents a litre Drought Levy on milk. (more…)

Rusty and Dianne Lawson: Salvos Ministering To Drought Stricken Farmers

By: Anne Rinaudo The Salvation Army are in drought-affected areas conducting regular visits to farmers and rural communities and helping them in any way they can by distributing food hampers, helping with bill payments and other financial expenses, assisting with farm and household jobs, and providing emotional and practical support. (more…)

Responsible Coffee Drinking Combines With Social Enterprise

By: Anne Rinaudo As we wake up to the reality of environmental impact of the rubbish we create there is a tiny spot of good news. There is a plastic made, not from fossil fuel, but corn and it is totally compostable. (more…)