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Why I Let My Kids go to Schoolies

By: Susan Sohn Schoolies is an interesting topic and one that seems to evoke a lot of emotion within parents. To send or not to send, to allow or not seems to be the question for most parents. (more…)

Little Things That Make a Big Difference to the Mental Health of Young People

By: Rachel Doherty Youth mental health is a big issue, but for parents, youth workers, families and friends, the little things you say and do can make the biggest difference. (more…)

People Matter More Than Things

By: Dr Justin Coulson As Chad walked into the kitchen he spotted his three-year-old son riding a skateboard around the kitchen island. He was in a hurry, so he quickly told his son to stop riding the skateboard in the house and turned away. (more…)

Body & Cyber Safety: How to Pre-Arm and Protect Your Children

By: Dr Justin Coulson In the past week I’ve been contacted by several parents. They’ve asked a number of questions, all along the same lines*: (more…)

Managing Mental Health in the Last Year of School

By: Rachel Doherty Finishing school carries a lot of stress for teenagers. Where they’ve had some depression, anxiety or other mental ill-health, Year 12 can be too much. (more…)

Did You Know? The Christian-Inspired Origins of Father’s Day

By: Graham McDonald In 1909, a couple named John and Sonora Dodd attended the Mother’s Day service at their church in Spokane, Washington, USA. (more…)

Mending Bridges After a Fight with the Kids: 10 Tips for Parents

By: Clare Bruce When there’s a battle of wills between parent and child, the adult is meant to be the one who manages their emotions and ‘acts like a grownup’. (more…)

Watch Your Words

By: Dr Justin Coulson I watched from a distance as the desperate mum yelled at her child, “Would you just calm down? Calm down right now! If you don’t calm down I’ll give you a big smack!” (more…)

How Hugging Your Child Could Make Them Smarter

By: Katrina Roe The other day we had some friends round for dinner. As they were leaving, their baby asked for a cuddle. Never being one to pass up a cuddle with a baby (well, let’s be honest, with just about anyone I’m on a first name basis with) I quickly wrapped my arms around her. (more…)

How to Prevent Your Child Becoming a #metoo (and Prevent Your Child from Creating One)

By: Dr Justin Coulson Over recent months, the #metoo hashtag has become a global phenomenon. Women have acknowledged, publicly, the abuse they have suffered at the hands of men, prompted by celebrity actors who allege they were victims of Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein. (more…)