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New Film ‘DAD’, Featuring Dads of Autistic Kids, Gives Hope and Encouragement

Above: Some of the men featuring in the film ‘DAD'. Top row, L-R: Ian Rogerson, Lai Huynh, Mat Rogers and Michael Whelan; Bottom row, L-R: Monir Elhage, Nick Orsatti, Raj Shashi and Richard Peake. By: Clare Bruce Parents of children with autism will nod, smile, laugh, shed a tear – and gain great insight and encouragement – from a moving new short documentary film called DAD. (more…)

Maintaining Your Marriage During the Parenting Years

By: Arlene Pellicane Date nights during the courtship years might have included bouquets of roses, candlelight dinners and strolls through the park. But date night looks quite different now that you have kids. These days, your “romantic evenings” may more often involve finding free food samples at the grocery store and then heading to the discount movie theatre. (more…)

Was Your Bub Born in 2018? There’s a Free Bible Waiting for Them

By: Hope Media The Bible: it’s still the most read, quoted and revered book ever published. (more…)

Curfews: Using Limits with Teens

By: Rachel Doherty Curfews can be a useful way for parents to influence the behaviour of their teens. Especially when they’re making poor choices or hitting the party scene. (more…)

How to Stop Feeling Like a Guilty Parent in the School Holidays

By: Rachel Doherty The parent guilt of letting teenagers and children spend the school holidays glued to a screen is real. But what’s wrong with letting our kids be a little lazy? (more…)

Why I Let My Kids go to Schoolies

By: Susan Sohn Schoolies is an interesting topic and one that seems to evoke a lot of emotion within parents. To send or not to send, to allow or not seems to be the question for most parents. (more…)

Little Things That Make a Big Difference to the Mental Health of Young People

By: Rachel Doherty Youth mental health is a big issue, but for parents, youth workers, families and friends, the little things you say and do can make the biggest difference. (more…)

People Matter More Than Things

By: Dr Justin Coulson As Chad walked into the kitchen he spotted his three-year-old son riding a skateboard around the kitchen island. He was in a hurry, so he quickly told his son to stop riding the skateboard in the house and turned away. (more…)

Body & Cyber Safety: How to Pre-Arm and Protect Your Children

By: Dr Justin Coulson In the past week I’ve been contacted by several parents. They’ve asked a number of questions, all along the same lines*: (more…)

Managing Mental Health in the Last Year of School

By: Rachel Doherty Finishing school carries a lot of stress for teenagers. Where they’ve had some depression, anxiety or other mental ill-health, Year 12 can be too much. (more…)