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The Islands of Average, Honour and Shame

By: Duncan Robinson There are three islands in the world, Average, Honour and Shame. On each of these islands there lives a number of people. Some people start on Honour Island, but most of us start on either Average or Shame Island. Average Island is where the majority of the population dwells. Our hope is one day to catch a one-way ticket to Honour Island. Whether that be through celebrity or prestige or wealth. Our hope is that we might end up on Honour Island. (more…)

What “Not” To Do When You Stuff Up

By: Sabrina Peters Adam and Eve could be the poster children for what NOT to do when you stuff up, but they're not the only ones who've eaten a few apples of disobedience and missed the mark big time. (more…)

The Heart Of Man Movie Review

By: Rebecca Moore The sparseness of space meets my eyes as the opening scene appears—so deep, so endless, so majestic. (more…)