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How Can We Stay Civil in the Age of Outrage? Here are Three Ideas

By: Sheridan Voysey In 2016 I found myself in the United States at the time of the Presidential election. Heading to Nashville airport one morning, my taxi driver told me he was thinking of voting for Donald Trump and asked me what I thought. An hour of lively but friendly debate followed.  (more…)

Why Believe? In the End, Christianity Rises or Falls on These Two Things

Above: Photo by Sheridan Voysey By: Sheridan Voysey Some days I wonder why I am a Christian. In a secular age, it isn’t great for your career (as someone told me last week, “Admitting you’re a Christian in my circles is professional suicide”). In some countries, claiming the faith can literally sign your death sentence. And there are so many alternatives in the religious marketplace now. (more…)

The One Thing Men Can’t Talk Openly About Yet. But What if We Did?

By: Sheridan Voysey Last year I took part in a piece for BBC 1’s Breakfast programme. As the cameraman and I were driving to the filming location, he told me a story. (more…)

Remembering Eugene Peterson (1932-2018)

Above: Eugene Peterson Picture credit: YouTube/NavPress By: Sheridan Voysey "There are people who die well," beloved pastor and author Eugene Peterson said recently, ‘and I want to be one.’ Well, Eugene achieved his goal. (more…)

Burnout Begins With Weariness. Here’s How to Stop it Going Further

By: Sheridan Voysey Robert Coles, the eminent American psychiatrist, once wrote a book called The Call of Service. Collating his work over three decades with charity workers, civil rights campaigners and community volunteers, Coles explored the reasons why people serve others and what satisfactions they get from doing so. (more…)

You’re Both So Different? That Could Be What Makes Your Marriage Work

By: Sheridan Voysey Twenty-one anniversaries later, I sometimes look at my wife Merryn and wonder how this marriage of ours works. I’m a writer and speaker, Merryn is a statistician. I work with words, she works with numbers. I want beauty, she wants function. We come from different worlds! (more…)

Heaven is a Symphony Playing All Around You. Here Are Three Ways to Hear it

By: Sheridan Voysey I was once asked to do a radio debate with an atheist. One of the criticisms my counterpart raised was that Christianity had been reduced to a faith that was only interested in getting people to heaven, instead of a faith that changed this life too. While the criticism wasn’t entirely fair (it’s hard to think of an institution today that hasn’t been founded or shaped by the faith), I had to agree that in some cases she was right. Christianity is so much more than getting people ‘up there’, even if some televangelists would have you think otherwise. (more…)

On Death Row for 28 Years. Here’s How Anthony Ray Hinton Stayed Joyful

By: Sheridan Voysey In 1985 Anthony Ray Hinton was charged with the murders of two restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama. A jury found him guilty, a judge sentenced him to death. But he was innocent. (more…)

12 Questions to Help You Find a New Dream

By: Sheridan Voysey I never set out to talk about dreams this much. But ever since the release of Resurrection Year – a memoir about starting again after a broken dream – I’ve found myself answering lots of questions about them. (more…)

Four Ways to Make Deeper Friendships

By: Sheridan Voysey ‘Who can you call in the middle of the night when everything has gone wrong?’ When I first heard this question some years ago it shook me to the core. How many of my friendships were that strong I could feel OK imposing on them at such an hour? I wasn’t sure. I knew then I needed to develop deeper friendships in my life. (more…)