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The Importance of Creating Simply For Your Own Joy

By: Susan Browning It’s so easy to get stuck in our ordinary, wouldn’t you agree? If anything motherhood has opened my eyes to the ways I used to be creative when uninhibited by obligation, or creative deadlines. Or well, life. Creativity accesses the child within us all, and when modelled it can pass onto Kingdom expression to the next generation – which is why I think creating for joy ourselves is such an important aspect of our lives. (more…)

Worship and Relationship

By: Susan Browning Worship can’t exist without relationship – when you love something or someone you spend time with them, when you adore someone you lavish love on them. Worship simply means to place value or worth on something or someone. Ways we place worth-ship on someone is through compliments, praise, adoration, affirmation. We can only feel all those things through knowing someone, we can only know someone if we spend time in their presence. (more…)

Hustle and Rest

By: Susan Browning It’s like this perpetual reminder. You’d think I’d have learnt by now. But no, it’s a constant current in my life and, like a thorn in my side, doing just doesn’t stop. (more…)

The Morning Dawns and the Evening Fades

By: Susan Browning It usually starts with someone either screaming, crying, kicking me or begging for TV before a reasonable hour. It’s my life, and I love it. But most days do begin startled or in a groan and a vague rolling out of bed after a lot of denial. It’s a rude awakening. (more…)