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7 Principles Of The Maker’s Diet


Every year new diet-fads enter the general population. After weeks of feasting and celebration, people are looking for ways to lose that extra flab they’ve gained. It’s not surprising that people get confused because there are just too many choices to pick from.

In this article, I want to recommend to you a new kind of diet that is revolutionary in every aspect, it’s called “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin. It’s unique because it’s based strongly on biblical principles that focus on a wholesome approach to eating, dieting, and health. The Maker’s Diet also helps to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person. The author of the Maker’s Diet contributes these natural and holistic principles to his complete physical healing after being diagnosis with a deadly disease. The seven principles of the Maker’s Diet are as follows:

Healthy and Balanced Diet

If you check out Genesis, Leviticus and Numbers, the early Israelites were given very specific instruction on what to eat. Today, food is processed so much that the life-giving nutrients are removed from the food that we eat. Go natural and go organic in the supermarket. Make sure that everything you eat is fresh and not loaded with preservatives. Check out the food pyramid and know the proper balance of each kind of food to have in your diet.

Adding to the Balance

There are some nutrients which are hard to come by naturally in most food. There’s no harm in taking multivitamins that have most of the vitamins/minerals that the body needs. Also, adding extra Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet will ensure that your body remains in optimum condition.

Be Extra Clean

Practicing proper hygiene (making sure that you, your house and your surroundings are clean) can improve your health as well. This will drastically reduce the amount of bacteria that can affect your body and cause illness.

Training & Pampering the Body

Take time to exercise. Science has proven that exercise improves a person’s overall health. One reason why people now are falling prey to sickness is that more and more, people are becoming inactive. The invention of cars, elevators, escalators means that people put less effort into everyday movements. In the past, the Israelites didn’t have such commodities and thus people were exposed to physical exertion daily as they go about doing their work. Give your body due rest daily by sleeping at least 7 hours.

A Non-toxic Environment

Change the environment that you are in. Reduce the chemicals that you use around the house and even on yourself. These chemicals are not natural and may be causing harm to your body without you knowing.

Keep Negativity from the Heart and Mind

Never fill your heart and minds with grudges, stress, or hatred, etc, because they serve no purpose in keeping anyone healthy. Take time off to relax, find peace and meditate on the Lord’s goodness.

A Purposeful Life

Live with a purpose. Live with a goal. Know where you’re headed and you’ll never get lost.

The Maker’s diet is revolutionary in its approach to overall health. If you want to transform yourself in every aspect in a Biblical way, try it out for this new year. God has blessed us with such wisdom, why not use it?

Article author Rhonda Jones is the creator of over 25 Christian meditation and affirmation CDs and the author of the Christian makeover program, Help Me God Change My Life and The Christian Power Hour Devotional Set. Learn more at

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