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The Power of Forgiveness

Tim Sisarich from New Zealand was asked by “Focus on the Family” to travel the world, making a documentary on the state of the modern family. However, he didn’t count on it raising issues in his own life. Particularly in the area of forgiveness. ...

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Nick Vujicic: How To Heal Your Broken Heart

Australian born inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic takes us through his journey of faith, of growing up in a Christian home but suffering huge doubts that a God who loved us would allow him to go through life with no arms and no legs...

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Loving The Strangers Next Door

Kristen Schell always thought fulfilling God’s calling would send her to far away mission fields, she had no idea that God’s calling for her life was right in her front yard....

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Jumper Changes Mind Mid-Air, Asks God To Save Him

It’s never too late for God to do a miracle in your life, and that’s just what happened to Kevin Hines after he jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge planning on ending his life....

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Alice Cooper On Dedicating His Life To Christ

It may come as a shock to many who have a pre-conceived notion on what a Christian should look like, but rocker Alice Cooper is a dedicated Bible believing follower of Christ....

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