Join the 96three Christmas Nativity Challenge.

Christmas in Australia is certainly different to many parts of the world. We have Christmas in summer when the days are hot and long. We can go out for a walk in the cool of the day, just like God did in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:8). On our walk, we may come across houses, shops or businesses festooned with Christmas lights and decorations. Some streets are blocked by traffic because of the lengths some people go to with their Christmas displays.

In recent times, we are seeing less and less nativity scenes and hearing less and less about the first Christmas as told in nativity plays. It’s time we reclaimed this wonderful celebration of the very first Christmas.

So, 96three issues this challenge. Send us your photos of:

Your own nativity scene. If it’s in public view, then even better.

Your nativity play at church, community, or school.

A nativity scene you have seen and want others to enjoy.

A public nativity scene at a church, shopping centre or business.

Wherever you see one, we’d love to see it as well. We’d love to have 963 photos of different nativity scenes by Christmas.

All photos will be entered in a draw to win a bike to the value of $500 from Station Sponsors Hendry Cycles Grovedale/Ocean Grove and we will have an independent panel of judges choosing the winning photo. Competition closes at 5pm Monday 19th December and the winner will be announced on the breakfast show on Tuesday 20th after 8.30am.

Email your photo to and if it has people in it you will need to get their permission to use it and send this to us with the photo.

Thank you for participating in the Nativity Challenge, there were so many great pictures and so encouraging to see the real meaning of Christmas is being celebrated in our area.

Congratulations to Elizabeth for her winning nativity scene.