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God Is Always Faithful

We all have our favourite sacred songs that touch our hearts every time we hear them sung. Sometimes, like when you read a familiar bible verse many times over again and then one day unexpectedly, something you have read many times before, just leaps out in front of you with clearer and deeper meaning than ever before. It really touches your heart so much so, you wonder how you could ever missed it. We all know that is the Holy Spirits doing. The bible has layers and layers of deeper meaning and when we are ready, God peels off a layer so you can see deeper into the meaning of what God is saying in that verse. Well something like that happen to me with a beautiful song that I just heard. I am not sure of its title, but it was all about God’s Faithfulness. The line in particular that hold my attention was ‘God has always been faithful to me.’ I then could see past memories coming to me, of the many times God had been indeed faithful to me. Despite times when I have let Him down and sometimes I believe when He needed me the most.

I remember I used to have a book of the Psalms that I would read every day on the train as I was going to work. It was an hour train trip and I didn’t want to waste my time just looking out of the window, every morning. I was in my early thirties and was going through very hard times, and I would question every now and again if God really helps out like it is written in the Psalms. I was struggling with my faith, but the Psalms gave me an anchor to put my trust in God to get me through it all. Well now thirty years later I can read the Psalms and know what David is saying is true. There is a difference in believing and putting your trust in somebody else’s experience, then when the day arrives and you can honestly say ‘I believe not because you believe, but because I have experienced it myself time and time again, as well.’ Not only that your understanding is clearer on what they are talking about.

Another line in this song that touched me was ‘God has always been faithful and He will be again.’ When you look at frightening events in the future and then turn to the bible and read all the accounts when Israel needed a miracle for its protection. God always provided it to them doesn’t matter how impossible it looked. When they humbly and sincerely turned to Him, with a pure heart, God could not resist there plea for help. It didn’t matter how far they strayed from God, He always came to their aid after they sincerely repented of all their sins. It gives you peace and reassurance even though what awaits you is going to be extremely challenging. We are in this is very evil world and we will have great trials to overcome and many of those trials do not come from God, but from the enemy blaming God.

Isaiah 25:1
“Lord, You are my God. I will exalt You, I will praise Your name, for You have done wonderful things. Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.”

We need to pray for the church and everybody more than ever.

This article was written by Sue Darling.

About the author: “I have loved God all my life, I was lucky to belong to a loving Christian family. I have had many trials as most of us have had and God has always been their for me, so my faith grows stronger as the result of it. I live in the country town, but my dream is to live in the bush. I know God wants me to write, I just hope I am doing it right. I know I get a lot of joy out of writing my beliefs and experiences of God.”

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