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Maria’s Recipes: Avocado Sushi Rice



Sushi Rice, 1 cup (I use “Kokuho Rose”available from Asian food section in Coles)
Avocado x 1 (not too small or jumbo!)
Sushi Seasoning, 2 tablespoons (Obento brand, looks like vinegar)
Salt, white pepper
White sesame seeds
Nigella seeds (black)
Lemon juice just a few squeezes


Make sushi rice according to packet directions.
Spread onto a plate to cool down, sprinkle over Sushi Seasoning, mix with wet hands. Cool rice down with a little help, using either a fan or the coolest setting on a hairdryer (held at a distance)

Remove avocado flesh from skin and dice, sprinkle with a little salt and squeeze over lemon juice
In a bowl, mix together gently the rice and avocado, ideally using wet hands, season with a little white pepper

Your rice is ready to eat!  But if you want to make individual sushi-like maki, then here’s how to do it:
Tear off three pieces of baking paper, each the size of a magazine/chopping board, approximately
Put a third of the rice/avocado in the middle of one sheet of baking paper
Form it into a ‘log’ and fold the paper in half, pushing the sushi mixture to compress it, then roll the paper “log-style” so you have an even ‘log’ of sushi mixture, twisting the ends like an old fashioned lolly-wrapper

The aim is to remove all of the air and have a solid Sushi log, ready for refrigeration.
Refrigerate your three sushi logs for about an hour
When ready to serve, slice the maki with a serrated knife. Then remove the paper, display the maki on a plate, sprinkle with white sesame and nigella seeds.
Serve with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi paste.