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Maria’s Recipes: Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

(Serves 4)

*Rectangle white bread loaves x 2 or 4 large bread rolls

*Chicken thigh fillets x 600gm, chopped

*Onion x 1, chopped

*Carrot x 1, chopped

*Capsicum (optional, any colour) x ½, de-seeded and chopped

*Fresh parsley, chopped x 1/3 cup

*Tomato paste x 2 tablespoon’s

*Tinned tomatoes x 800grams

*Curry powder x 2 teaspoon’s

*Ground cumin x ½ teaspoon

*Cinnamon x ¼ teaspoon

*Star anise x 1

*Garlic cloves x 2, freshly minced

*Sugar x 2 tablespoon’s

*Chicken or vegetable stock powder x 1 teaspoon

*Soy sauce x 1 tablespoon

*Vinegar x 1 tablespoon

(Optional:  butter to spread on the inside of each loaf or roll and plain yoghurt to drizzle afterwards)


-Brown chicken pieces in a little hot oil for 6 or 7 minutes and remove from pan (it doesn’t matter if they’re not cooked through at this stage).

-In the same pan, fry onion, carrot and capsicum in a little oil until soft.

-Add tomato paste, stir and fry-off for a minute.

-Add tinned tomatoes, bring to a bubbling simmer, then add stock powder, soy sauce and all spices except garlic.

-Simmer with a lid on for 20 minutes, then add sugar, minced garlic, vinegar and parsley.

-Cook another 5 minutes, taste for seasoning.

-Serve this curry in a hollowed-out rectangle bread loaf.  If using 2 loaves for 4 people, cut the ends of each loaf.  Each portion will be 1/3 of the loaf.  You’ll have two end pieces and a ‘middle’ piece which won’t be used in the recipe.  Remove soft bread from each ‘end’ piece, so you’re left with a ‘bread bowl’ to hold your curry.  If using bread rolls, cut off the top of the roll and hollow-out by removing the bread filling.  Portion prepared curry into bread bowls and serve immediately.  Traditionally utensils aren’t used, just tear off bread and scoop curry with your hands.  Optional:  Drizzle some yoghurt over each portion and place soft bread filling on top as a lid.