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Maria’s Recipes: Lemon Creme Blueberry Tartlets

Lemon Creme Blueberry Tartlets

-1 jar of lemon curd (I have great results with Yackandandah brand – good for several batches of tarts)!
-1 tub of cream cheese, I get best results with Philadelphia, 60% reduced fat (again, you won’t use the whole tub, not even with 24 mini-tartlets)
-1 punnet of fresh blueberries (or any fresh berry), depending on how many berries you’d like to put on top. I have best results with fresh berries, but if you use frozen, spread berries out on paper towels and allow to completely defrost.  Allow excess moisture to drain on towel.
-Sweet crust tartlet cases. See if you can find packs of 12 mini cases (I find mine at a green grocer/deli store).. or larger 6 pack tartlets are ok. This recipe isn’t suited to single large tartlet cases as the ‘creme’ won’t slice successfully -despite giving  the appearance of being ‘set’, there’s no gelatin.
-This recipe varies depending on how many tartlets you make. The general rule of thumb is one tablespoon of lemon curd equals one tablespoon of cream cheese. I find this a tad lemony and add a little more cream cheese. Try mixing a couple of tablespooonsful of each… mix well with a fork until its creamy without lumps and taste. You may not need to adjust the ratio. But if you’d prefer more ‘tang’.. add a little more lemon curd.
-For six tartlet cases or 12 mini-tartlets I mix 3 heaped tablespoons of the cream cheese and same with the lemon curd
-With a teaspoon, dollop mixture carefully into tartlet cases until your mixture is gone and each tartlet case is evenly filled
-Put a berry on each tart (or several) and lightly cover with two sheets of plastic food wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour. You can eat them right away but refrigerating them will ‘thicken’ your lemon creme and make them more luscious like cheesecake.