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Maria’s Recipes: Quick White Chocolate Lamingtons

Makes 12

*Unfilled rectangular sponge x 1

*Apricot jam x 3/4 cup

*Water x 1/4 cup

*White chocolate buttons x 250 grams

*Thickened cream x 3/4 cup

*Desiccated coconut x 2.5 cups


-You’ll need to put two saucepans on the stove, one to warm the jam and water, and one to heat the cream for the easy white chocolate ganache.

-Heat water and jam until combined and hot, but not boiling, set aside.

-Heat cream and until barely simmering, add white chocolate buttons.  Stir. Turn off heat.  Allow chocolate to melt and stir until smooth and buttons are melted. This is your ganache.

-Cut each sponge layer in half, through the middle, so you have a top and a bottom (essentially making 4 layers).

-Spread jam mixture on the base of each layer, then carefully cover with the ‘top’.

-You’ll now have your two original sponge layers with a jam centre.

-Because sponge will be very soft to work with, put layers into freezer for 15 minutes (If putting on top of each other -use baking paper between the layers so they don’t stick together).

-After sponge has hardened a little in freezer, cut each layer into 6 squares, making 12 in total.

– Using a tablespoon, bathe each square with white chocolate ganache and coat in coconut.

-Refrigerate lamingtons for an hour at least (covered in cling film), so the ganache sets.