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Maria’s Recipes: Turmeric Latte

*Coconut Milk Powder x one 50 gram sachet (eg. Ayam brand)

*Water from a recently boiled kettle x 120ml

*Filtered water, room temperature x 120ml

*Turmeric powder x ½ teaspoon

*Cinnamon x 1/3 teaspoon

*Optional, grated or minced ginger, very small sprinkling

*Runny Honey or Maple Syrup x 1 teaspoon (or to taste)

*Pinch sea salt

*Grinding of black pepper

*Cinnamon stick for presentation

*Optional Latte glass for presentation


-Place all ingredients into a blender or bullet-style food processor.

-Pulse a couple of times and remove lid slowly to release any steam.

-Put lid back on and blend until milky mixture is frothy.

-Pour into a glass, add a cinnamon stick and enjoy warm.


Makes one serving.