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A Solid Chocolate Teapot?!

We all know the wonders of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit to brighten up the toughest of days, but we never imagined eating the teapot!

A company in the UK has unveiled a teapot made out of solid delectable chocolate, and while it looks too good to eat, we definitely wouldn’t mind taking a bite (or two, or three).

The handmade chocolate kettle, which weighs 600 grams, is designed for people to fill it with hot water and hot chocolate mix and then pour into teacups, just like you would do with a regular teapot.   For the ultimate dessert, you can add more water to create a chocolate fondue – chocolate dipped strawberries anyone?


Once the fondue is all eaten up, then you get to chomp your way through the actual teapot. It’s enough to send even the most fanatical chocolate lovers into a chocolate induced food coma.

Sadly this chocolate tea pot is only available in the UK via, however we’ll be first in line should any crafty Aussies put their hand to making a local version.

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