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Burnout: You Don’t Think the Elastic Band Will Break – Until It Does

“Is this what it feels like to be depressed?”  I have a wife who deals with the depression of others.  But to experience it?  Was this actually it?...

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The Joyous Story Behind This Aussie’s Eurovision Performance

Aussie pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke had her global Eurovision audience spellbound, singing about the joys of emerging from postnatal depression....

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Christians With Anxiety? It’s More Common Than You Think

Despite its prevalence, for people of faith who suffer from anxiety, there may also be an added layer of guilt, shame, confusion, or denial....

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Older Men – Afflicted by Hope

The pressure to provide, to achieve and to make their mark on the world, can energise and stir hope in the younger man, but what about the older?...

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Spade, Bourdain Again and Again

How do you explain how a man who is brilliant, talented and gifted finds himself at a place that death feels like the only and reasonable option?...

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A Conversation About Mental Health with Libby Trickett

At one of the most joyous times of her life, five time world record holder Libby Trickett experienced significant depression....

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