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domestic violence

Domestic Violence: The Church Can’t be Absent From Addressing the Issue

“Rates of domestic abuse in the church community are about the same as in the broader community,” Anglicare’s Lynda Dunstan says....

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Aussie Short ‘The Moths Will Eat Them Up’ Goes Global with Anti-Violence Message

Australian filmmakers aim to address the issue of gendered violence in their short psychological thriller ‘The Moths Will Eat Them Up’....

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Stop the Violence: A Church’s Bold Move to Stamp Out Abuse

Anglicare has launched a new youth program called Before It Starts aimed at preventing an all-too-common form of violence in Australia....

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God’s Voice Brings Grace in the Midst of Domestic Violence [Testimony]

I looked up and around the room and thought I was going crazy. I had heard God’s voice. Was I imagining it? No; I had just heard it....

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Is Your Daughter a Victim of Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is sinister, and like other forms of abuse, it seeks to harm the victim and then blame them for it. Learn to recognise the signs....

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