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focus on the family

Clearing Out the Clutter – Focus On The Family

Frequent Focus on the Family guest, Kathi Lipp shares today how to eliminate clutter, something that has the potential to create stress and conflict in family relationships. She describes how guilt, shame and fear often contribute to our clutter issues. Kathi goes on to offer practical strategies on how to…...

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Why Your Marriage is Like Your Garden – Focus On The Family

A few years ago my wife and I were holidaying with some friends on Vancouver Island. We were driving around looking for some off-the-beaten-path point of interest when suddenly we came upon a home with the most amazing garden I had ever seen. Right there in the middle of the…...

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Whose Voices Are You Listening To?

Like a lot of people, I remember what it felt like to be bullied in school. Fact is, if you experience bullying or harassment for any extended period of time, it has a lasting impact on your life. Whether that impact is for good or for bad ultimately depends on…...

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Helping Your Daughter Understand Romantic Relationships

Our “Focus on the Family” guest in this two-part broadcast is Jessie Minassian, who is a self-confessed former “crushaholic,” because when she was growing up, she used to obsess over romance and relationships with boys....

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