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following jesus

Called, Communed, Commissioned: The Life-Pattern of Every Follower of Jesus

There were three distinct phases in Jesus’ dealings with his disciples and they are God’s plan for every one of his children....

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3 Reasons Why Being Friends with Jesus Is the Adventure of a Lifetime

With Jesus, everything that you ever thought impossible suddenly opens up and becomes possible. Living with him is an adventure of infinite possibilities!...

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The Risky Business of the Gospel

The so-called “hard sayings” of Jesus are his attempt to remind us that the Gospel is a risky business. You have to be willing to let go of everything......

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Get Out of God’s Way

One of the characters that I love in the New Testament is the Apostle Peter, probably because I’m so much like him in so many ways. But I think there’s enough of Peter in all of us to be able to recognize ourselves in him....

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