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The Nurse Who Found Hope By Living on a Surgery Ship

Theatre nurse Merryl Mackenzie shares how her world changed when she volunteered for Mercy Ships for the first time 14 years ago....

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When an Aussie Mum Witnesses the Miracle of Sight

“As a parent, I feel the weight of responsibility for providing for my young family... that miracle moment is something that I’ve never forgotten.”...

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Mum Thanks God for Her Daughter’s Miracle

"Sometimes, I still cannot believe that a surgery, which was over so quick, turned things around for our family… for Joanna."...

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Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page Urges: “Learn CPR”

The original ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Greg Page, who had a brush with death in January, has posted a video urging people to learn CPR....

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Jack’s Butterflies. Freeing Families From The Cocoon Of Disease

Ohtahara Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterised by seizures and there are only a handful of Australian kids with the same condition....

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My Health Record – Opt In or Opt Out? The Pros and Cons

A three month opt out period for the My Health Record system will end on October 15. In what incidences should you opt out?...

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