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As a Christian Bloke, Here’s What I’ve Learned About Difficult Emotions

We blokes often struggle with our emotions more than females do. Here are 11 lessons I’ve learned about dealing well with difficult emotions....

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Why Can’t Us Men Tell Each Other How We Feel?

Why is it, in male friendships, that when a mate gets close, all we can do is joke, asks writer Sheridan Voysey....

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Car-Parking Like a Man

Author: Tania Harris | God Conversations. The bumper bar neared closer. I glanced in my side mirror. Angle a little more. Turn slightly. That’s it. Now a direct line in. Right, you got it. Engine off. Keys out. Success. Two men watching on the roadside cheered. I smiled triumphantly in…...

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A Rite Of Passage Helps Boys Become Men

A rite of passage is vital for helping introduce men into what it is to be a man, according to Richard Fay, CEO of Centre for Men and Families Australia....

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Older Men – Afflicted by Hope

The pressure to provide, to achieve and to make their mark on the world, can energise and stir hope in the younger man, but what about the older?...

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