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The HOPE at HOME Online Film Festival Offers Hope in Your Inbox!

An online HOPE-FILLED film festival featuring 10 of the most inspirational stories and more delivered straight to your inbox!...

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New Life Movie Review

When a movie can delve into your emotions and pull out a heart-wrenching sob, you know the writers, producers, cast and crew have done their job well....

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Tips on Keeping Romance Alive From Lead Actress in ‘New Life’ Movie

Erin Bethea, star of the yet to be released movie 'New Life' offers 10 tips that will help keep the romance in your relationship alive all year long....

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5 Reasons to Spend Time with a Senior

Older people are precious. They might not look it, smell it, or sound it, but they are deeply valuable. Do we appreciate it?...

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All-Star Voices Cast in New Christmas Movie

A world class cast are starring in the new faith-based movie, ‘The Star’ with many recognisable voices in the ‘Greatest Story Never Told’....

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