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Record Low Birth Rates and a Record High Life Expectancy

Australia has record low birth rates per couple but a record high number birth overall. At the same time, Australia has a record high life expectancy....

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The Unseen Pain Of Social Infertility

There was a couple in our church who were barren. I don’t know the medical reasons for it – I just remember watching their struggle to conceive. I remember how as a church we rallied around them; how we stood with them as they responded to altar-call after altar-call praying…...

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What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

If you’ve got a friend going through infertility or miscarriage, here are 9 things you need to know… ‘She said ‘I’m so sorry and hate that you’re having to deal with the pain of losing a child’ and then gave me a big hug. The long bear hug kind. It’s…...

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Ultrasound Reveals Sister Holding Dying Twin’s Hand In Womb

The parents of two young girls, Brittani and Ian McIntire, were excited when they found out their family was going to grow by not one extra family member, but two.   The couple found out the were expecting fraternal twins who they have named Mason and Madilyn....

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Infertile Couple Pray 1,549 Days For A Baby

“I often wondered what I did wrong or why God didn’t want to bless our happy marriage.” Heather Carpenter and her husband so desperately wanted to create a family, but had struggled with infertility for a number of years. Hundreds of ovulation tests, doctors visits and pregnancy tests all proved…...

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