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“I’m Grateful I Had a Brain Tumour” Says Comedy Writer Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie’s recovery wasn’t easy, with months attached to tubes and retraining herself to speak after a tracheotomy, but it’s an experience she appreciates....

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“God is Not Offended By People Asking ‘Why?’,” Says Christian Apologetics Author

As we ask harder questions about the state of our world, Dr Orr-Ewing says “questions and doubts are not the enemy of the Christian faith”....

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John Lennox: “Can the Coronavirus Be Reconciled With the Existence of a Loving God?”

We need convincing evidence of the goodness of God’s character if we are to trust him with our lives and futures in a world that deadly pathogens exist....

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One Insight That Will Help You Thrive In The COVID-19 Age

This one simple principle when applied in the face of adversity is a game-changer for how we relate to suffering, including COVID-19....

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Persecution Goes Digital: Christians Targeted with Technology

Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors Australia and New Zealand, said persecution is going digital in places like China and India....

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If God Is Good, Why Is There Suffering and Pain?

It's the big question that has been asked for centuries by atheists and Christians alike... so is there really an answer?...

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