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When You Don’t Understand God

Is it okay to not have God fully figured out and accept that you’ve reached the limits of your understanding?...

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When God’s Timing Tests Your Trust

I had prepared for this job interview, prayed for the right answers, and proven my determination to give the job my all....

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The Unhurried Ox

Every time I read this scripture I feel I am missing something. How do I get this rest you speak of? How do I get away with God and recover my life?...

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You Will Believe Fake News Just Because It Has A Picture

"We've found it doesn’t really matter what the claim is about, as long as there is a related photograph with it, it will nudge people toward believing it"....

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Solo – But What If I Could Do with a Bit of Company?

His name says it all. He is alone. Solo. No parents. No friends. If we trust no-one, we will never be hurt. But if we trust no-one, we will be alone....

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When Someone Else Gets the Answer to Your Prayer

I can believe He has a plan, but in the waiting for the plan to materialise, I can struggle to trust that He hasn’t forgotten me....

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