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working from home

5 Challenges to Future Remote Work

Remote work is here for decades to come, and the challenges it brings cannot be overlooked by businesses looking to thrive....

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How COVID Brought the Human Back to Work

The future of human work will be characterised by collaboration, innovation and human skills that set us apart from robots....

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Housing Change on the Horizon

In the next year or two, half of Australians plan on looking for a new home to rent or buy that incorporates more of what they value....

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Why Are Digital Natives Finding Online Work So Unnatural?

Half of Gen Z and Millennials are finding communicating with colleagues challenging, compared to approximately 35% of Gen X and Baby Boomers....

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3 Ways to Shift from Monotony to Momentum When Working From Home

One of the biggest enemies of momentum is monotony, and right now it feels like we are all participating in a modern, viral version of Groundhog Day....

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10 Tips for Working From Home

When working from home, it really helps to have a signal or sign that tells others you live with, “I’m working and not available for any interruptions”....

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