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The Story Behind Hillsong United’s ‘Say The Word’

Joel Houston and Taya Smith from Hillsong United have sat down to reveal the story behind ‘Say The Word’, the 2nd single to be released from the worship band’s latest worship album, ‘Empires’.

“I love to sing this song,” says Taya. “Because you’re actually talking about the Word of God.” She then gets emotional and turns her back to the camera, so Joel asks, “Why are you crying?” Her response clearly demonstrates her love and passion for the Word, “Because we’re talking about Jesus and [He’s] the best thing ever.”

Written in a billion skies
Speaking to this heart of mine
All that I am with all creation
Hanging on every word that You’ve spoken
And it will not be shaken
Clinging for life to all Your promise
Hanging on every word that You say

It will remain
And my soul will hang on every word You say

Word made flesh You wrote in grace
Promise kept through cross and grave
Over words of stone You spelled out love
And when You say it is done
It is done

“I love singing this song,” Taya continues in the above video. “Because it’s actually about the Word of God, and there is this line in it that says when it is done, it is done. I love the finality of God’s word [because] potentially when everyone else says that it’s over or something’s dead, actually He is the one who can bring dead bones to life. And I love that because it’s talking about the power of the Word of God. It’s definitely something I’ve been falling more in love with over the last couple of years for sure.”

Joel sums up the song perfectly. ‘[Jesus] spelt that one word, love. It’s why God created us, it’s why we worship, it’s what we were made for, what we were made to discover. And Jesus is the embodiment of love. Everything that the Word says, all of it’s instruction, it all comes through a place of love.”

Empires is the 4th studio album released by Hillsong Church’s youth worship band Hillsong United. You can purchase ‘Say The Word’ as well as the full album at the iTunes store.

Watch the full lyric video of ‘Say The Word’.