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Thrive with Dr Matthew Jacoby


The Colossians were apparently being influenced by a form of Judaism which emphasised the role of angels as mediators between God and man.  It seems that they were trying to accommodate Jesus into this belief system and were tending towards seeing Jesus as just another angelic mediator.  But Jesus is not just another anything.  He isn’t just another teacher;  He isn’t just another prophet and He isn’t just another heavenly messenger.

Jesus is the embodiment of the one true God.  If He is less than this, then He could not take away our sin because it is God’s prerogative to pay for sin. A man, or even an angel, standing in to take our punishment would not be just.  Only Jesus could bear our sin because He is also the very God whose justice has been transgressed.  Jesus is God saving us from our sin and therefore He represents God’s double claim on us and the world.  The world always belonged to God because He created it but now it is doubly His because, having been robbed of what was His, He then redeemed it back at His own expense.  Jesus is God redeeming us.  To belong to Jesus is to belong doubly to God. To belong to Him is to belong to the one who has double authority over all things.  All powers in heaven and earth are subject to Him.  Nothing can thwart His purpose being worked out in you.  As He created in the past, so He is recreating now, in you and through you.  Every day He leads you and uses all circumstances to shape you. He is in charge.

Read Colossians 1:15-23

Acknowledge Jesus as Lord of your life and ask Him to continue to lead and shape you.

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teaching-matthewMatthew Jacoby’s central passion is for communicating the Word of God. His desire is to learn what it means to live life by the Spirit of God, to learn to listen to God constantly and to be a transparent and honest witness to the faithfulness of God. He is the author of the daily devotional Thrive.

Thrive (August – October 2018) Ephesians to Philemon – Letters of Hope

In this edition of Thrive we will be reading the rest of the letters of Paul from Ephesians through Philippians, Colossians, the two letters to Timothy, the letter to Titus and the letter of Philemon. Some of the most beautiful expressions of the faith are found in these letters. They are full of profound spiritual wisdom that will be food for your soul. Join Matt as he begins to explore these amazing letters of the great apostle for inspiration.

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