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Crunchy, Tender Chicken Schnitzel

Crunchy, Tender Chicken Schnitzel

*Chicken Thigh Fillets x 5
*Sour Cream x 3 tablespoons
*Liquid Chicken Stock Concentrate x 1 tablespoon (I buy this in a small pouch, Massel Brand)
*Panko Bread Crumbs x 3 cups
*Eggs x 3 (beaten with a splash of milk for coating chicken)
*Plain flour x 1 cup (approx for coating chicken)
*White pepper
*Oil for shallow frying


-Put chicken in a ziplock bag or a large bowl and coat with sour cream and chicken stock concentrate, a few shakes of white pepper then massage mixture into chicken and set aside for at least half an hour, but one hour is best.
-Prepare three bowls for coating chicken, one with plain flour, one with beaten eggs and a splash of milk and the final one being panko crumbs.
-Start heating oil in a fry pan gently as you begin the chicken-coating process.
-Coat each chicken fillet first with flour and set all fillets aside on a plate.  Then coat each floured fillet with egg and crumbs as a two-step process.  I just find it easier to have all the fillets coated in flour first (less mess on the fingers).
-Fry each fillet until golden and cooked through.  You can take a fillet out and cut through a thick section to see if it’s cooked through, I do this rather than finishing them off in the oven, but as an option, you can place schnitzels in a hot oven for 5 minutes to make sure they’re cooked through.
-TIPS:  Serve with gravy and/or lemon wedges.  Other options:  finely grate lemon rind and parmesan cheese into panko crumbs before coating chicken.  For extra flavoursome chicken, add minced garlic into your sour cream mixture.