Are you interested in WORKING at 96three?

From time to time we have Employment Opportunities at 96three, located in Grovedale, Geelong.
When positions are available, you will find information about them here:

Are you interested in VOLUNTEERING at 96three?

From time to time we have volunteer positions in many different roles located here in Grovedale, Geelong.
All volunteers need to align with 96three’s mission, vision, values and the Christian beliefs that guide and drive all work, volunteering and relationships.
As a volunteer at 96three you will also:
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Have the ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Be self motivated to take ownership of any connection points with our listeners.
  • Have a passionate desire to help and support others
Volunteer positions may include but not be limited to, the following categories:
  • Administration
  • Mail Outs
  • Social Media
  • Audio Editing
  • Production & Donor Support
  • Content gathering
  • Community Events
  • Church Liaison
  • Sponsorship
  • Presenting On-Air
Please email to for an application form which includes our statement of belief, mission and our code of conduct. Please also include a resume of your current/previous work in any settings. This can be for all volunteer and paid employment.
Then if we have a position that might suit your skills, we’ll ask you to come in for an interview and the process will commence from there. We will acknowledge receipt of your completed application form so you know it’s been received.
As you might be able to imagine, not all roles are required at all times and we may ask your permission to keep your resume and application form on file for a period for future options. If we ask this, you have the right to refuse us permission or designate a period of time that suits you.