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Jennifer Garner’s Christian Movie Set To Break Records

Last year’s ‘War Room’ movie was a mega smash hit taking Hollywood by surprise when it generated over $100 million at the Box Office, now ‘Miracles From Heaven’ is set to beat those records.

This March a new film starring Jennifer Garner is predicted to break those records. The trailer for her ‘Miracles From Heaven’ movie has been viewed over 2 million times, and after watching it ourselves we can understand the anticipation.

Inspired by a true story and set in Texas, the movie centres around a 12-year-old Anna (played by Kylie Rogers), who is the daughter of Jennifer Garner’s character Christy. Anna suffers from an incurable pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, which prevents her from being able to eat and can only get the nutrition she needs through feeding tubes.

In a desperate prayer, Christy asks God to cure her daughter. As we know, God often answers our prayers in mysterious ways. While playing in a backyard tree, Anna falls 10 metres off a branch hitting the ground hard. In what could have easily killed her, instead a miracle happens leaving doctors baffled.

In the film, Jennifer Garner’s characters questions doctors. “So, you’re telling me when this baby girl fell [10 metres], she hit her head just right and it didn’t kill her, and it didn’t paralyse her, it healed her?” The doctor nods his head and says yes. “Well that’s impossible,” Christy replies.

Backing up Matthew 18:3 which commands us all to have childlike faith, Anna smiles at her mother and proudly states, “He told me I’d be fine.”

The movie is based on the memoir of the same name written by Christy Beam which recounts the story of her young daughter Annabel who had near-death experience and was later cured from a digestive disorder.

Miracles From Heaven is being released on March 17 nation wide in Australian cinemas.

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