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Maria’s Recipe: Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

(Serves 2 to 3)

*Cooked Jasmine Rice x 3 cups (made using 1 cup of uncooked rice)

*Brown Onion x 1 small

*Brown Sugar x 1 tablespoon

*Tin of tomatoes approx 400gm

*Sage dried (powder) x 1/4 teaspoon or 3 fresh sage leaves chopped

*Coarse black pepper (good grinding)

*Salt x 1 pinch

*Soy sauce x 1 tablespoon

*Tasty cheese, grated x 1/4 cup

*Oil for sauteeing

*Butter x 1 tablespoon (for rice)


-While rice is cooking (I use an electric rice cooker), brown onion in a pan then add tomatoes.

-If tomatoes aren’t crushed, break them up with a fork or potato masher. Add salt, sage and sugar. Stir well, allow to bubble on low heat and for mixture to reduce a little.

-When rice is ready, let sit covered for 10 minutes then stir through butter and soy sauce.

-Add rice and cheese to tomato mixture, mix well.. then serve.

-Tomato rice is a great meal base, you can serve it in a bowl & top it with a variety of things. Fried eggs, avocado slices, grilled mushrooms, chicken wings, tinned tuna, meatballs, steak, chipolata sausages .. are just a few examples.