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Maria’s Recipes: Creamy Salad Dressing

*Raw Cashews (unsalted, not roasted) x ½ cup (plus water for soaking)

*Lemon juice from half a lemon

*Capers x 1 teaspoon

*Dijon mustard x 1 teaspoon

*Garlic x ½ clove or less, minced

*Water x ½ cup

*Salt and pepper to taste


-Cover cashews with water and allow to soak for an hour or longer.  Even overnight is fine. Then drain-off water before using.

-In a high speed blender (like Nutri-Bullet or Ninja-bullet) add all ingredients including softened cashews.  Remember to discard water cashews were soaking in.

-Blend until cashews have completely liquified and you have a creamy dressing consistency.  Taste and adjust flavours if needed (eg. more garlic or mustard)

-Serve salad dressing at table and pour over salad ingredients right before consuming.  Alternatively, refrigerate (this will slightly thicken the dressing) and serve as a dip with vegie crudites.  Will keep in the fridge, covered for 2 days.