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Maria’s Recipes: Eggy Pesto Burritos

-Quinoa Mountain Bread x 2  (or pita bread made fresh in-house at supermarkets, even Roti is good, something with good elasticity, avoid dry wraps)

-Large Eggs x 4 or 5

-Sour cream x 1 teaspoon

-Whole egg mayo x 2 tablespoons

-Pesto from a jar x 1/2 teaspoon

-Rocket leaves (or salad leaves) x a handful

-Feta, crumbled x 1/4 of a cup

-Optional:  Hot sauce if you like a bit of ‘bite’ (eg. Cholula, Sriracha or Green Tabasco)

-Optional:  Coriander leaves

-Pinch of salt

-A little oil and some butter to make scrambled eggs


-Warm pita bread in a microwave or oven (if using an oven, cover completely with foil).

-Mix together pesto and mayo in a small dish or glass, then evenly spread over both pita wraps.

-Evenly divide salad leaves (or rocket) over both wraps and sprinkle over feta.

-Heat a little oil and butter in a pan.

-Whisk together eggs and sour cream and pour into pan to make scrambled eggs, being sure not to overcook the eggs. Sprinkle over a pinch of salt when half cooked.

-Divide scrambled eggs between both pieces of pita (add a dash of hot sauce if you like and coriander leaves) and roll-up like a burrito while still hot, and serve immediately.

Makes 2 Wraps.