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Maria’s Recipes: Lime Tart


*Arrowroot biscuits x 250gram packet

*Unsalted butter, melted x 150 grams


*Ricotta x 200 grams

*Sweetened condensed milk x 2/3 cup

*Eggs x 3, separated

*Lime zest x 2 teaspoon’s

*Fresh lime juice from 3 limes (around 1/3 cup)


-Very lightly grease a tart  (with a loose, removable base, around 25cm diameter) – with butter or cooking spray.  You can use one tin or smaller tins for individual serves.

-Crush biscuits in a processor or even a ‘bullet’ style blender.  The finer the crumb, the firmer your base will be.

-Put crumbs in a bowl and add melted butter, mix well and then press into your prepared tin.  Refrigerate biscuit base while you prepare the filling.

-For filling, mix/process together ricotta, egg yolks, lime zest, lime juice and condensed milk.

-In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until firm peaks form, then gently fold into filling mixture, in two batches.

-Pour filling over biscuit base and bake for 20 minutes in a 180 Celsius oven or 170 for fan forced.

-Remove from oven, cool, then refrigerate at least 4 hours until firm.


Serve with a dollop of vanilla icecream or whipped cream.