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Maria’s Recipes: Pork Larb

Pork Larb

Serves 3

*500g pork mince x 500gm
*100g packet Rice vermicelli noodles x 100gm
*Fresh coriander x 2 tblspn, finely chopped
*Fresh mint x 1 tablespoon, finely chopped
*Fresh red chilli optional, a few thin slices, finely chopped (or a pinch of dried chilli flakes)
*Baby cos lettuce leaves, about 3 leaves per bowl
*1 lime (use half to cut into wedges for serving, half for juicing and some rind)
*Chicken stock powder, 1/2 teaspoon
*1/2 cup of water
*1 teaspoon sugar
*Soy sauce, 1 tablespoon
*Spring onion x 1, green part only, finely chopped (use two if you’d like more than just a topping)
*Optional peanuts, chopped x 1 tablespoon *Tip: have an extra lime on hand in case you’d like extra zing
-As soon as you bring your mince home from the supermarket, add a half a teaspoon of table salt and mix it in well, then refrigerate for at least an hour.
-Prepare noodles according to packets directions, set aside, drained, add a splash of sesame oil and mix through.
-Fry mince, when cooked, add chicken stock powder, sugar, soy sauce, a pinch of lime rind (1/8 teaspoon), if you have a microplane (fine grater), use that to finely grate the rind, you don’t want chunks of rind in your mix.. and also add the water.
-Turn up heat, add chilli if including. Cook until water evaporates, taste for seasoning. You want a good balance of salty/sweet. Adjust soy and sugar according to your tastes. Lime juice will be added later for sourness and zing.
-Take off heat, put cooked mince into a bowl/dish to cool down.
-When cool, combine with noodles, squeeze over juice of half a lime, add mint and coriander. Serve in bowls with baby cos lettuce lining the edges, sprinkle top with spring onions and optional chopped peanuts and a little lime wedge. Larb is supposed to be served at room temperature. Serve immediately.