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Maria’s Recipes: Potato & Kale Pasties

Potato and Kale Pasties

*Sweet potato x 1/2 large (baked until soft, then skin removed)

*Potatoes x 2 large (baked or boiled & skin removed)

*Brown onion x 1, finely chopped

*Kale or English spinach (washed) x 1 bunch & chopped (stalks removed)

*Tasty cheese, grated x 3/4 cup

*Parmesan Cheese x 1 tablespoon

*Sour cream x 4 tablespoons

*Salt x 1/3 teaspoon & good grinding of black pepper

*Pastry sheets x 4 (either puff or savoury shortcrust)

*A little oil or butter for sautéing and 1 egg for glazing


-Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.

-Brown onion in a pan with a little oil, set aside.

-Sauté kale (or spinach) until softened, put on a plate to cool.

-In a bowl, roughly mash together cooked sweet potato and white potatoes. You want some lumps and texture to remain, so don’t overdo it. Season with salt and pepper as you’re mashing.

-Add tasty and parmesan cheeses + sour cream & onion, stir well and then fold through cooked kale (or spinach).

-Defrost frozen pastry squares and make pasties as you wish. I made 4 large ones by placing filling in the centre of each square and bringing in the corners and sealing. Then glazing with brushed egg. You could make smaller ones or use a large round cookie cutter to make traditional pasties with a crimped edge. There are You Tube videos that can guide you in this.

-Place glazed pasties on a tray lined with baking paper and bake until golden in colour, about 25 minutes depending on your oven.